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Trump vs Higgins – how comfortable are we losing?

Okay I admit it I love watching balls being planted and shot around the table. People make impossible shots look easy. On the other hand, when I am at a full-sized table I can hardly see the pocket never mind pushing the ball in its direction. There was a very interesting prelude showing the greats, including Alex Higgins and Jimmy White. Both these players had flawed personalities. They spent much of their earnings on drink, drugs and gambling and by their own admission sabotaged themselves but for some reason they were loved by the public.

I think this was partly because they admitted their flaws and partly because they were just being themselves. The general public of the United Kingdom in particular seem to identify with those who have tried and failed and succeeded – in no particular order. I remember the ski jumping athlete “Eddie the Eagle” who came last in practically everything but at least he had a go.

So Judd Trump was almost indestructible at the end with an inspired series of shots that made the whole game look easy. He became a professional 14 years ago and his dream was to become world champion. He attributed his success in part to his brother. There were his four brothers on the balcony cheering him on and applauding and that gave me a great sense of the importance of the family. Long live the family I say.


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