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Perhaps it is out of guilt or panic that we spend time trying to make the world a better place. I have no objection to those actions, but it’s the motive for it. What about making life better for us? Surely, if we are in good order and full of energy we can be of far greater service to others than if we are half exhausted.

My son Mark left two days ago and we had a very valuable exchange. He is shortly to be married and all sorts of discussions about the practical and philosophical aspects needed to take place,  they did so with good effect.

Yesterday’s weather was not brilliant, and this morning saw the heavens pouring. I decided to light a fire so we spent most of the day drowsily sitting in front of the heat. I read a book about the cleansing of the liver, we watch TV or should I say sat in front of the TV and slept some of the time and woke up some of the time.

I feel there is a difference between self-serving, self regard and selfishness. Self-serving is a system which benefits yourself at the expense of others, self regard is when you respect yourself enough to look after yourself and maintain yourself, selfishness is ignoring the feelings and wishes of other people to pursue your own ends. I’m talking about the middle path here. Yesterday and indeed today, we are not doing much whatever ‘doing’ means.

I met a new customer where we are going to have to clear the garden. She was a delightful and grateful lady in her 80s and had been recommended by someone else. I always get an extra kick when I’m recommended because it means that our well-meaning efforts are bearing fruit.

This afternoon, I collected some unwanted pots, garden pots, from a new garden customer.We took a few pots for ourselves and then took the rest to the allotment of which I am the chairman for giving out to anyone who felt the need for a pot or two.

In  a healthy society I believe that barter and exchange is much more ecologically friendly apart from saving people lots of money

With many garden jobs the main problem lies in access. I hate dragging spoil through a house. It makes a mess and it is also so easy to break things. I gave a quote recently and forgot to check access and realised there was none. Parking is another problem. I have a large car, a Volvo V 70 estate. It is long and wide so it is easy to get stuck in a narrow lane without realising it so it’s no good going for a job along a narrow lane where you cannot turn round.

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