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Due to my electro-sensitivity I found myself unable to go to Alternative View 10, an annual conference over three days run at a large hotel in Hertfordshire.  I did a pendulum reading on whether I should go or not and I obtained the following ratio +2, -3.  This means that the disadvantages would have outweighed the advantage. I decided to take the streaming version of the conference where for £74 you can view all the talks from Saturday morning until Monday. I know that had I attended, I would been hammered. I have recently reached my critical limit for cumulative exposure to all sorts of electromagnetic fields including dirty electricity.

Once that happens you are a sitting duck for fields. God help us when and if 5G comes on us. 24/7 microwave radiation. You might as well sit in a microwave oven. I have not talked much about my dowsing but I use it as a form of Remote viewing and a stimulus to the ‘picture department’ as I call my psychic side so the reading I have shared with everyone is a small part of my work.

The AV day was dystopian in its context. One speaker was talking about complete corruption of the government with regard to the suppression of child abuse. Another speaker, David Noakes, had produced a wonderful method for curing cancer yes curing cancer but he fell foul of the pharmaceutical industry and their desire to make profits so was imprisoned for six months. His wife has been indicted for a similar set of charges most of which were trumped up. She will be extradited to France in a few days. Quite why France when she is a Brit I cannot figure out.

The message is this. If you dare to find a cure for cancer or a cheaper way of doing anything you will be taken out. You may be killed (suicided), falsely prosecuted, or otherwise drowned out of your business. David Noakes had all his bank accounts closed and was left with no money – all for providing a service which healed hundreds of people from cancer at a fraction of the price without any side effects or deaths.

There is absolutely no question that this world is run by evil psychopaths. I must admit my head is a bit full of dystopian material as I write this. I started watching at nine o’clock this morning and finished watching at 10 PM

Time for bed and more of the same tomorrow

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