When to engage a skeptical person

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Following on from yesterday, our weekend conference did continue so I watched through the Sunday sunshine yesterday and finished off watching a couple of presentations this evening. We heard first-hand from someone who’d been on the riots so-called riots in Paris – the yellow jackets – and hence seeing and hearing how a European police force had mercilessly fired soft bullets at people for just parading peacefully. Many people have lost an eye when rubber bullets were fired at them. Police used CS spray gas with poisonous substances in on young, old, people in wheelchairs, but anyone with a banner.

It’s amazing that people that go to such marches on what courage they have. The witness thought that Macron the President of France is turning into a dictator. She thinks he has his eyes on being the president of the European Union.

It is a late hour, nearly midnight, but I want to reflect on the numerous conversations I’ve had with people who simply don’t believe what I’m saying about an alternative view of the world. One of the people talked about the five stages.

  1. Cognitive dissonance: “ha ha you are a conspiracy theorist”
    this can be the first stage to waking up that it is questionable whether any value can be gained when a person is so prejudiced that they are unlikely to hear what you have to say.
  2. A person can be angry ” Maybe it is the Stockholm syndrome” they say. (This was when people were imprisoned and eventually fell in love with their captors).
  3. negotiation – could the theory that you have be a coincidence? At least the person is engaging.
  4. depression – the person will say when listening to you “is it that bad?” At that moment you can certainly have a conversation in which you present the facts.
  5. acceptance – when they admit that the world is not what the mainstream media would have them believe. It’s what we call ‘accepting the red pill’ as in the film “the Matrix”.  Then, they are probably on your wavelength than it’s worth spending a lot of time sharing your experiences.

    If a person in the normal course of their life have  three or four such kindred spirits they are rich indeed because most people through fear cling to an illusory world. How many people realise that our Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Teresa May, has all the time behind the scenes been signing up to the European police force and making sure that we never actually leave the European Community. That is why she is deliberately stalling and making impossible demands. I believe that all politicians are either bribed or blackmailed and end up following the steps of the corporate masters.

    Incidentally, did you know that the United States of America is a corporation not a country? On that rather dystopian note it is time for bed.

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