Gardening job that nearly went wrong

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I really must learn my lesson not to take anything for granted when the customer says “I leave it entirely up to you”. Normally, that is a sign that people are not particularly concerned about their budget and will pay what is necessary and this was the line that I took.  The garden was easy enough to do though volume of spoil was considerable. We took away 12 one-ton sacks of material to the recycle.

Because we had been given carte blanche, I decided to tackle the area in no man’s land behind the fence which would enable the customer to have a clear view over the valley in front. It was quite a trial, involving four types of tools, cutting, sawing, plain and simple hacking away of deadwood but we made it.

At the end of the second day I decided to broach the subject of the actual cost. I said that remodelling gardens normally attracts a charge of £500 plus. The lady, who was a bright and humour filled 90-year-old said that that was too much for her. She said the last person to do the job charged £250. I had a rather difficult situation because sometimes older people get time a bit confused and it may be that the last person did the job five years ago but the figure of £250 stuck in her mind and I don’t think she was going to be moved from it.

the customer can now have a lovely view over the valley which will please her because she can’t get out that much

We eventually agreed a price of £400. I economised with my time somewhat not to go too much over the hours. She thought we were expensive and said other people charged £20 an hour. I have had the problem before that the customer thinks that if two workers come along their combined earnings should be £20 an hour in fact of course it should be two people, two lots of £20, equals £40 an hour.  I normally agree the price before we start but for some reason I did not do so on this occasion and this led to slight embarrassment but the next morning she greeted me warmly.

Anyway I’m glad we did the job . We worked like Trojans except for brief tea breaks and I believe made a big difference.   The customer was happy.  We made it a rule not to accept the money until the customer declares satisfaction.  Once again, and I know I keep banging on about this, but I felt that there was a lot of love in the garden and she did confirm that her late husband had paid great attention to it, and we were somehow nurtured by this love and it did not seem like work, but manifestation.


Later, I went to see another job and met the affable Ian from Lancashire. I made a dreadful error of thinking his accent was Yorkshire.  It is the duty of every tenant to maintain their garden in good order and I was asked to come along and mow the lawn. I seem to have obtained a regular job, coming along during the summer and keeping the lawn in order. This is good petrol money so I’m glad to do it.


The visitor season is upon us. We have someone coming tonight leaving Monday. We have someone else coming down from Manchester on Friday and leaving the following Monday. The Wednesday after that, we have two people visiting. We shall take them to the Bath and West show in Shepton Mallet and then we’re going to take a brief vacation in Cornwall. No peace for the wicked but it is nice seeing friends I must say.  We are banning shoes from our living room because of the pristine new carpet. I wonder how long that will last.


Tomorrow morning, Saturday, I must rise early because I must attend as a member of staff and evangelical meeting of the Christian variety that is happening in Frome.  This is a combined initiative of four men’s groups. Most of them have no idea how much Christianity is being marginalised at the expense of the Muslim faith. It is a specific policy of the New World order to marginalise religion particularly Christianity, to destroy the family unit, to create a one world government and a one world legislative system and all sorts of other horrors. I really believe that most of these people think that Jesus will save us. The problem is that users cannot save us from apathy, blindness, indifference, use or misuse of free will etc. easy supposed to turn us into robots and say “well, perhaps this free will idea wasn’t so good after all?”  Oh cynic that I am I think it is rather far-fetched

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