Floating on clouds

by | May 21, 2019 | Latest Post | 0 comments

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Sometimes, the weather conditions are perfect. A light breeze, the sun is shining on the clouds causing a wonderful three-dimensional effect, and life seems good. It is difficult to be in a bad mood with such weather.

I was on my way to see my physiotherapist, who is much more than the name implies. He is very interested not only in physiotherapy but physiotherapy with animals, and the use of acupuncture in general. He is widely read and studies material from Russia.  According to him, the nose, ears, hands and feet are all very valuable portals to the energies of the body including the musculature. I complained of lower back pain where I could scarcely get out of bed and he spent at least half an hour working on my hands. At the end of the session the stiffness had not disappeared but it had certainly diminished by about 50%. I think we severely under estimate the amazing pattern of neural networks that comprise the body.

That Is all I Want to write today. The evening is absolutely superb, and a lovely time to sit in the garden having a drink.

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