Wells market, preparing for guests

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I never tire of all the delightful stalls at Wells market. Wells is a very compact little city and you can’t miss the stalls which are right bang in the centre in front of the cathedral grounds. I bought some home-made savouries at the stall photographed above and munched my way around chewing my cud contentedly. There are some stallholders who are not local and you soon get to know them. There is someone who sells so-called pork pies which consists of about 5% meat and the rest potatoes and carrots and onions. If only these people would realise that reputations  spread. The fish sellers always have big queues whilst others are mysteriously empty


Today we have two guests arriving and staying for a few days. We shall be attending the Bath and West Festival tomorrow. Thank goodness we were not going today because there has been intermittent drizzle all day and for a predominantly outdoor show this is no fun. For a start, the number of visitors declines markedly so they probably had 50% of the people they would have had on the first day of a sunny disposition. Like most things, this will stabilise and I see the forecast for tomorrow is much better with warming conditions as the weekend approaches.

I use a great app on my mobile called darksky and it shows quite accurately the weather from hour to hour. It does it better than the BBC weather forecast which has been dumbed down, no doubt to save a few thousands of pounds, but that’s the BBC all over. Don’t start me on that one.

We tend to take the arrival of guests as a stimulus to clean our property so everything gets the once over including the bathroom, toilet, dusty chairs, and most of all spiderwebs. Spiders seem to take a liking to us for some reason and their fine webs – almost unreachable in some cases – seem to take over sometimes overnight. Fortunately, we live in a bungalow and do not have stairs to climb otherwise I feel the whole exercise would be more exhausting than it is at the moment. I think the answer is to finish the cleaning some time before the guests are due to arrive so you don’t appear to them to be like a wet exhausted blanket and you have some bounce and vigour to engage in conversation. We are meeting someone called Jacqueline who we have never met before but she is the sister of my friend Graham who is a good judge of character and with whom I get on well.

I was going to finish a gardening job this afternoon but as soon as I even thought of it the rain started to come down more consistently. Cutting lawns is not a great success when each blade of grass sticks to the inside of the mower and we more or less have to scoop out the wet grass, dripping with water, and taking twice the time.

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