A visit to St Michael’s Mount

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St Michael’s Mount is a very popular tourist attraction especially with people from overseas. We saw lots of French people, Japanese, Germans, Americans, Canadians, Australians all revelling in the great history of this place. I suppose there is no direct equivalent in these countries. The day was slightly spoiled by noisy French schoolchildren running around not really knowing where they were and what their purpose was. However, there was not a mobile phone to be seen. I should say this is not a user friendly place for the disabled because the path up to the entrance of the castle is very steep and cobbled and you do need to be physically fit.

This is a property owned by the National Trust and I think the entry fee was about £12 for Castle and garden. I say “I think” because I scarcely bothered to look now as we are members of the National Trust. Entry fees are normally £15 these days which is why the annual ticket for membership is such a bargain I think that today about £86 for the two of us. You can cover this in about three visits. You can find the details on the Internet.

The island on which the castle is built is only available at lower tides. Outside these times, there are helpful people who will vary you to and fro for the reasonable price of two pounds a head.The historical paintings included where the family who lives here and have been for hundreds of years was only a marginal interest but what was exciting was to look down on the gardens from the castle.

One thinking you can rely on is that anything organised by the National Trust is well done, reasonably priced, and the volunteers are friendly and helpful. I think they have been well trained .

This is yours truly leaving the island after the incoming tide has engulfed the causeway. NB I saw some people wearing high heels. This is not a good idea.

Back home to a simple supper. Three visitors could easily  spend £800-£1000 on meals over a week if you decided to have breakfast, lunch and tea out. We thought it was much better to do it simply at home and perhaps have one meal out. As it happened, we didn’t even do that because it was so much fun being at home reading, listening to the sound of the sea, and enjoying the lack of electromagnetic fields. No, I tell a lie, we had a couple of lunches out. Graham had a whole rib of beef on one occasion. In general, the food is fresh and well prepared.

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