A delicious piece of ginger cake lands me on planet Earth

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Strangely, my diary for today is out of sequence at least in terms of when I write it. I have just spent a week in Cornwall. Cornwall is a different land. I could almost say ancient but certainly spiritual. 95% of the villages and towns were built at a time of the horse and cart. Because the standard of building was so high, much of the stock of the original cottages have remained albeit improved over the last years.

I shall write about this later. We arrived home after an uneventful drive on the superb motorways and A roads. It took us about four hours from Penzance and that was not even hurrying. On returning home, after the usual relief that our property had not been burgled or burned down, we settled down in a type of bubble where time and space didn’t really matter too much and this we did until bedtime on Saturday.

Sunday was about the same. We like to retain the bubble with all its good memories for as long as possible but inevitably it is enervated (make (someone) feel drained of energy or vitality.”enervating heat”).  maybe I should say “degraded’. We did very little on Sunday and watched TV or should I say stared at TV for about an hour. The programme was about the problems of operating on a 10 ton elephant. I caught up with my various necessary correspondences. Francoise went hither and thither in the garden which had by some magic growing by leaps and bounds during our time away.

We compounded the difficulty of the day by my purchase of a so-called cheesecake. I should have been suspicious of the cheap price. It was one of those made to sell and was so full of chemicals that it gave us indigestion for at least six hours after the mid afternoon meal. Fortunately, the bin men arrived this morning so out it went with the garbage

I did not sleep well for two nights in succession and it may be that I’m becoming more and more sensitive to Electromagnetic Fields. I am almost tempted to buy a Faraday cage type tent to put over the bed. I do have a simple Cornet measurer of field strength but I suspect the frequencies are far wider than one instrument can measure. God help us when 5G really get switched on. I love the way that they say ‘there will be a trial Switch on’. Now, they are switching on. Period. Everything switched on for the first time is a trial so the use of that word lulls people into the illusion that this is some experimental thing that may or may not come to pass. It will definitely come to pass.

Today Monday, my friend Graham dropped by to pick up some plants for his sister. We reviewed the 10 days that we had been together. I asked Graham if he had learnt anything particular and he decided there we need to be less judgemental towards groups of people who are enthusiastically taking up the cause even though we think they are misinformed.

I went to the allotment to start preparing for our barbecue this coming Saturday and took away some rubbish to the dump. On the way back I decided to go to Wetherspoon’s for lunch but found it so crowded that I chose an alternative cafe where I had a toasted sandwich, coffee and a piece of ginger cake. I could not believe the quality of the latter. It was a very light cake with generous amounts of Ginger and cream that was not made from pig fat. It takes me about 48 hours to get back to what I naïvely call a normal life. On this occasion, the cake was the catalyst.

Today it is raining. The forecast is 100% rating for the next 12 hours. If however I look out of the window, it is not raining. The problem is that you cannot get 100% accurate forecasting for a very small geographical area. You can see the main trends but you cannot see the micro detail so weather forecasting is a best guess and averaging situation.

Now that I’ve got up today, I shall start on reviewing the week that I had been away or should I say my body has been in a different position. We can never be away from ourselves. I hope for a better nights sleep this evening. Tomorrow there is a meeting of a 5G group to talk more about the disaster. That is down near Exeter so I may very well go along and take some of my leaflets. I have also heard of meetings in Frome and Bristol. Things are definitely hotting up on the 5G front.

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