To Wiltshire for some Functional Medicine analysis

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For some years I have accumulated bottles of supplements for this that and the other condition, disease, lack, and they were becoming so numerous that I decided to take myself off to a specialist. For various reasons that I won’t go into now, the General Practitioner is not able to make comments due in part to the ethics of the profession and because of the way the doctors are paid in other words they are not free to recommend one substance over another.

I found I was deficient in vitamin C, magnesium, and iodine. These can explain a great number of symptoms that apparently are unrelated. I was recommended a Russian tool called an RITM scanner, designed in Russia, which was intended to give quick relief of the musculature by programming the brain in a certain way though I must say I haven’t got my head around this yet. The Russians are far ahead of us in energy medicine and this was clear when we were given a demonstration of some of the equipment.

It is further clear that we have forgotten the benefits of herbs and plants, for example bilberry for my wet macular condition, tumeric for digestion, vitamin D, good for the winter, hemp oil,  real and not processed salt, unpasteurised apple cider vinegar which was for many years very frequently prescribed. In a lazy way we have allowed ourselves to be taken over by junk food and completely ruled by pharmaceutical companies. It is not in their interests for us to be well. It is in their interests for one hundred percent of people to be hundred percent ill all their lives.

The medical situation in America, and increasingly in this country, is getting more corrupted by the month. We are seeing a vast increase in autism and attention deficit syndrome. The Dr who demonstrated a link between this and vaccines was run out of town by the said pharmaceutical industry. My friend David Noakes who found a way of curing cancer was actually imprisoned. The industry wanted to imprison him for 15 years which as he rightly pointed out was greater than the sentence given to a murderer. Such is the hold of commercial interests. I trust that one day the whole system will come crashing down but I’m not holding my breath.

The whole point about real medicine is that you should look at the cause  of something not the symptoms. Treat the cause and the symptoms will dissipate mysteriously


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