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The medicine of the future is undoubtedly energy medicine. The leaders in this field have been and are Russia. I have bought a Scenar device. It relies on pulses of certain frequency which gives the right message to the body to repair itself. The body is an amazing self repairing device but it needs to be given half a chance. You may want to read the website itself. I find it rather Americanised but the information is there and the claims are genuine if you get a look at the testimonials.

The owner of the organisation, Richard, is full of enthusiasm for his products and really cares about spreading the message of natural medicine. Most people who present even a moderate challenge to the pharmaceutical industry are sabotaged in some way. People who promote alternative treatments have to be very careful not to make any claims. This firm had their bank account frozen for no reason and only after 32 text messages and phone calls was the facility restored. Those behind-the-scenes care nothing for human health because it doesn’t make any profit and does not feed the insatiable greed of the corporates.

It behoves us to prepare ourselves for a time when the continuity of electricity and other resources including food itself is not available. It would just take one electromagnetic pulse to wipe out all communications on the planet including satellites and the Internet. We would then be thrown back on our resources. There are many plants growing wild that can be used for food.  It is up to us to reinforce our bond with nature, including thinking about getting supplies of water and of course purifying it. At the present rate of decay there is only a limited amount of time left.

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