St Johns Church – an unexpected meeting in a garden

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The vicar at our local church has been there for 25 years. It is one in the middle of our village, St John’s, and I confess I have never been to a service there. Today Saturday they had a flower festival  with lovely themes; they were also offering a trip up the bell tower from which we could see all over our town containing about 22,000 people. See picture below.


To see some gardens owned by members of the the Wells and District Gardening Club.  The first stop was a lovely natural stone house on a gently sloping country area overlooking the field, secluded and invisible from the road.

You cannot appreciate the detail below unless you magnify it (control and +) but there were at least four or five large bumblebees buzzing around not to mention a number of butterflies. They absolutely love this garden. The Laurel hedge is high and dense and so prevents winds from the East penetrating. There is a micro-climate which brings plants on 3 to 4 weeks ahead of the average garden.

I find a log shed is symbolic of the country way of life, self-sufficiency etc. The lady on the gate was from South Africa and we reminisced about the changing conditions over the time; she left the country for 25 years but returned to be with her family and then returned again. Every time I talk about South Africa I get sentimental. Although the economics and politics are a mess, there is still something about it that I shall always treasure.

We went to a second house with the most amazing climbing roses and my goodness it justified its name. I reckon they were about 25 feet high  and growing on the neighbouring trees.I sat down to rest and started chatting with a lady whose name was Patricia. She was from Bournemouth, a chiropractor, and was practising in the local area. I found myself being drawn to giving her a psychic reading not only about herself but about her practice and some of the clients that were giving her some trouble. She talked about a lady who went round to many types of practitioner but never seemed to benefit. I intuited that she was replaying her childhood traumas but not facing the consequences and as a result no healer, no matter how well-intentioned, could ever get through to her.

During the talk, I did attract a small crowd, well – three people, and we all seem to be on the same wavelength. We talked about life after death, her relationship with her mother who died three years ago The other lady in the small group said that she had lost her husband and really faced the fact although she missed him.

Long live synchronicity.


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