Bread v36, more art, the dentist, Toy Story 4


I think it was about three years ago when we started to make our own bread. Perhaps this is a compliment to myself or maybe not but I find that no two loaves are the same. I tend to use two types of flour; ordinary white flour and some rye flour as well.  I take care not to put too much rye in otherwise the whole gets a bit heavy and soggy.  We enjoy our bread, especially when guests arrive and comment on the digestible nature of our offering.


To the dentist. David is a real artist and I love the way he works and his sense of humour. He injects sufficient medication to make sure I don’t feel anything although the process of drilling makes me shake my feet to get rid of tension.  I gave up NHS dentistry some time ago because they have to hurry so much because of the payment system.

Goodness knows how they managed in the days without anaesthetic. Perhaps a good swig of whiskey who knows.


To the City Art Gallery where Bath artists are strutting their stuff. I have been to this exhibition two or three times and each time a different painting jumps out at me.

Christmas past, Christmas present


This is Forky who has such a low self image that he sought out garbage cans as a refuge. He was re-educated by the other toys to believe that he was a real toy.

We went to see the 2 PM performance of Toy Story. There were about a dozen people in the theatre but I imagine that the numbers increase in the evenings. This exquisitely delivered animation has been a success. Toy Story 3 appears to have done better but don’t forget it came out nine years ago so it looks like the latest version will beat them all

1 Toy Story 3 BV $415,004,880 4,028 $110,307,189 4,028 6/18/10
2 Toy Story 2 BV $245,852,179 3,257 $300,163 1 11/19/99
3 Toy Story BV $191,796,233 2,574 $29,140,617 2,457 11/22/95
4 Toy Story 4 BV $120,908,065 4,575 $120,908,065 4,575 6/21/1

I found the action at continual high-speed, a little bit difficult to cope with but I got the gist of the story, such as it was. I found it amusing, very entertaining for the eye  (eye candy I think it is called), and in parts quite moving. I seldom go to the movies these days but this one caught my eye and I finally decided to go because my weekly magazine ‘The Week’ announced a five-star review. I wish the Odeon theatre technicians would keep the volume of sound down from ear splitting levels. Do they think we are all terminally deaf?


I’m thinking sad thoughts about the friend that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Having 25 daily chemo sessions really destroys the body so what will be left of her I really don’t know. I wonder if she will be recognisable from the last time I saw about four years ago. I think I would rather retain the image that I had. I am going to try and send her some healing which I’m fairly good at doing and see if that eases her path a little bit.