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Today Saturday was the hottest day of the year and Glastonbury Festival is in full swing. We can hear the bands, or at least the bass part of the bands, where we are in Midsomer Norton which as the crow flies is 11 miles from us. Lower notes, long waves, have the power to travel much further and as I lay in bed I heard the distant boom quite clearly.

Today we went off to Compton Dundon which is a small village consisting of a few old houses, a few side streets built with boring modern houses, a pub and a Village Hall. The day was for those who are electro sensitive. We took a long way round via Nunney to avoid the residual traffic going to and from the festival and arrived at one o’clock to find… nobody.  The venue which was an orchard and outhouses was completely silent – though beautiful.

We went over to the pub opposite, which struck us as being a little bit tatty and very “family” orientated and decided we didn’t really want to eat or drink anything and returned. We decided to wait half an hour and if nobody came we would leave and do something else. After about 20 minutes, Julian turned up followed by four other people. Two people had taken four hours to come down from Gloucestershire on the M5, driving into the sun.  I offered her a washing-up basin full of cold water to rest her feet.

Anyway, conversation started up and it was 5:20 PM when we regretfully left or should I say I’d had enough. We were talking about 5G and there is a limit to the amount of bad news that I can take at any one time. The problem is that 5G  started at least five years ago and they have perfected the method before most of the public even got the first idea of what was going on.   5G is a killing machine in that it can take out individuals at a distance without them being able to do anything irrespective of the immediacy of a transmitter.

Many people are Electro sensitive including myself but I’m not the worst by any means. Someone was telling me that they have to sleep next to a wall where next door another person charges their phone and they cannot sleep. Another couple are living in a flat facing a transmitter and they are permanently ill and weak.

However, irrespective of the subject matter, it is very pleasant and fun to sit down with people who thoroughly understand where you are coming from and what you are about. It’s the feeling of being at home. I feel sorry for people interested in 5G, smart meters etc who have an unsympathetic partner.  Very many of the young people today are so inveigled with technology that they dismiss the concerns of their parents. When they find they are infertile when their time comes to continue the species then it’s too late.

Anyway, we had a lovely sunny drive back home travelling via Wells not Shepton Mallet and avoided any site nor sound of crowds. The real road congestion  will manifest at the end of the festival, Monday morning I should think. We popped into Waitrose  in Wells and bought some constituents for an Indian meal as we did not feel like sitting in a restaurant. My non-drinking phase is still holding up and to my surprise I don’t miss it that much.

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