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Neither of us slept very well last night. I reckon I was unconscious for about three hours. When we were in Cornwall a few weeks ago, neither of us had any problem sleeping through the night but here there is too much energy so we must simplify our life somewhat.  It sounds so boring to an ever active Gemini but we got to do it.

I wrote a great ‘to do’ list today most of which I’ve achieved. Inevitably the more difficult ones get shelved. There is a huge amount of 5G information coming in at the moment and I scarcely had time to put it on my site. Even to cut and paste an article will take a couple of minutes and that’s completely focusing on it without interruptions.

I’m hoping to redesign it with a clickable map page so people can just click and see what is going on in their country. I think this format will be more friendly and will lead to a greater number of hits. I have a couple of hundred page hits per day but that’s not really very great in proportion to the seriousness of this problem.

Off to the allotment then to the recycle bin to buy some wooden planks to replace the rotting examples on the allotment.

Monday is washing day. It is a good day when I can do the washing of the clothes and have then dry in the sun by 4 PM. Today this was achieved.

This morning,  I received an e-mail from a potential customer that instead of accepting my quote she would get some friends round to cut her hedge. This is what she will find: the job will take far longer than she would imagine; with different people working on different areas it is very unlikely that the standard will be high; there will be far more spoil for wastage then she would imagine and I would guess that the job will run for weeks and weeks. I’m sorry to lose the job because I really wanted to do it but more will come along.

People who have not asked for a quote for garden work before have no idea what is involved. For example you cannot use normal domestic garden tools because they just won’t stand up to the work. I have a very powerful hedge cutter, I was going to say hedge trimmer but that doesn’t do justice to it. If I want a hedge at a certain height I just hold the cutter carefully and just walk along and it melts through the hedge like a knife through butter.

Along to a garden job that we had not finished. The lady customer is in a wheelchair. She is the nicest lady you could ever want to meet but she has a degenerative nervous condition which apparently is based in the spine. There is no cure. She has lost the use of her lower legs and is now getting prickles in her fingers. She cannot walk at all. We try to do a really good job for her. Her full-time live-in carer is called Samuel.  He is from Ghana, and he’s a great Christian. He invited me to go along to his church in Bristol  but like many African churches there is far too much hysteria for my fairly conservative tendencies when worshiping. I like the environment to be as quiet as a grave while the preacher is preaching.

I try to watch at least one meaningful video per day with average length probably about an hour. I’m so sick of hearing about climate change that it’s wonderful to hear someone who explains things as they really are and not as some hysterical group of self-serving activists think they are. As the speaker (Patrick Moore) in this video says, first of all you need your facts and everything must follow from that. I invite you to look at this film below if you got a spare 1h24m I think it is stimulating to see a clear mind in action. It will be quite clear that we all need to have an annual “carbon dioxide celebration day”. Without this gas we will be dead. There would be no living thing on the planet, no trees, no plants. How sad is that.

This evening I spoke to a friend of mine, Fiorella, who lives and works in Germany. I met her at the same time as I met my wife and if I remember rightly was full of the joys of spring. Fiorella and I are both pretty good telepaths and psychics so if one needs feedback about something we ring each other other. We may not speak for months at a time but the link is good and the rapport will go on for as long as we both have life I am sure. I would love to go and see her in Düsseldorf in Germany and may well do so later on in the year. I would prefer to go by train but the return cost is E156 minimum; I can get a return by plane for £59. I will probably fly there from Gatwick and spend the money I save on a slightly better class hotel.


People are finally waking up to the existence of extraterrestrials who no doubt regard us as extraterrestials. The heading in this article said Scientific American admits: extraterrestrials are likely to be far more intelligent than humans… And we’re stupid to deny their existence For all we know they may have inhabited our planet. Good old earth has been around for enough millions of years for this to be possible I think it’s arrogant for us to think that we are the centre of everything and no other types of races exist. Read it here.

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