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It’s not like I’m going to the other end of the world but I know I’m going to be hammered by EMF. The problem is it’s not only 5G but it’s a lot of people using 3G and 4G phones that has a cumulative effect on the disposition of the human nervous system mine included.  We even have to suffer it on the coach going up to London.

Extinction Rebellion are in my view making fools of themselves. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is .04 of a percent and is an essential growth agent for trees and plants. 97% of the carbon dioxide created in the world is produced naturally with humankind having nothing to do with it. Mankind produces the other 3% of which the UK produces a minute fraction. China produces far more CO2 than we do and yet Extinction Rebellion insist on blocking the streets in Bristol and other places making their uninformed point. There is no question that they are very well funded I suspect to distract people from the real issues going on for example the installation of 5G and the launch of all the lovely satellites to control us.

The weather forecast is mixed for the coming few days and once again I’ll probably end up taking  far more clothes than I need and not using them.  On the garden front, the ground is rockhard so it’s very difficult to do a gardening job which involves weeding which we don’t enjoy at the best of times. Our friend is the hoe which will at least prevent the plants seeding and hold them back until more detailed digging can happen in the autumn.

Last night, I watched a programme about Facebook. They employ 50 new people a week and that is at only one of their many centres around the world. They were quite happy to tell us that they profile everything we do so the marriage between Facebook and Google would seem logical from the control and informational point of view. Basically we are seen as sales targets and the idea is to refine the adverts to get maximum return on us consumers.

I have discovered a lovely video which I’d like to close this blog on. It’s about the effect that mobile phones have on people. It only lasts a couple of minutes and it really is worth watching. They say one picture is worth 1000 words. Enjoy.

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