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This has been a day of thunderstorms, travel delays, buckling rail track, air traffic control failures, and motorway jams. Thank goodness I don’t have to go anywhere or be anywhere. My son’s friend is going to get married tomorrow and unfortunately rain is due for the very day of the marriage over where they are in Nottinghamshire. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Let’s hope they have a marquee under which to shelter.

I came across a very interesting weather forecasting map system. I’m rather sick of the rather pedantic BBC weather forecasts so have a look at this bang up-to-date one. It is super fast and very information rich and has many alternative scenarios for reporting   www.Ventusky.com .


I follow many regular columns on the Internet and one of them is written by John Rappaport who has been writing reams of material for absolutely ages. He is a little bit like David Icke or perhaps a more withdrawn version. Occasionally, I read something is absolutely spot-on and in the case below very much confirms my own feeling on the state of Homo sapiens. I have reported it verbatim.

Human psychodrama on the world stage: Power Outside the Matrix

As the drama called Human Life on Planet Earth advances in the 21st century, we are seeing an escalation of lower-brain emotional responses to events. And this is according to plan.

I want to emphasize the underlying propaganda message. It’s very important to understand that message:”As more and more people are unable and unwilling to employ logic and rationality, those qualities diminish in importance, and you should abandon them because…they don’t serve you. They aren’t useful.”
You can see where this would lead. More and more people would surrender to their own stimulus-response mechanisms, and the overall level of chaos would increase and expand.There is no situation in which you should abandon your own ability to employ reason and rationality, no matter what other people are doing. Their surrender should not become an excuse for you deserting your own power on any level.

The two most formidable individual powers are logic and imagination.

Logic is essentially grounding and stabilizing. It allows you to analyze any situation or cluster of information and see through to its validity or invalidity, beyond deception.  Imagination takes you soaring. It allows you to see your greatest vision for your life—and therefore act toward its fulfillment.

John Rappoport

I find that increasing numbers of people are too afraid even to think, let alone question. I’m not talking about whingeing about politicians, for example with regard to Brexit. It is a general disinclination to engage in discussion. That is what I enjoyed most about my visit to London. I met more sophisticated people who were prepared to question things. But even then, the vast majority simply do not want to think that things might be not as is represented by the mainstream media.

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