Don’t throw it away – bring it to the Repair Cafe

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The Methodists are always very good at community work. This is the second time this event has been held in the Methodist Church at Peasedown St John; the local population seem to be getting the idea. If you have an item that is not working, don’t throw it away, but let someone with the necessary expertise, fix it for you.
We were a bit outside the system, as we had rescued a very large sunshade, but there was no string to enable us to pull it up and down. They did not have the spare parts so off we went, but I love the idea of recycling.

The following images should give some idea of what they do and how they work.. Anyone who is thinking of attempting a ‘Man Shed’ idea might want to read the terms and conditions.

You wait until your turn is called and you will be directed to the most appropriate person to service your needs.

I feel that this service could help someone who has to watch every penny of whom there are more and more these days.


To the allotment. My unofficial job is to stop seeding weeds from spreading onto other plots so I regularly go round with a strimmer making sure that the seas are prevented from doing what they do naturally.

This is Françoise’s plot by the way.

My elder sister in Perth, Australia has had a stroke. She has recovered from it and wants to go home but they will not let her because her husband is deemed incapable of picking her up should she fall. She is in a rehabilitation centre at the moment.

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