A twinned toilet – Celebrating ‘fruition’ at Glastonbury

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So here we are, back in Chalice Well, Glastonbury, for a celebration of one of the pagan festivals of the year, ‘fruition’ I find an unfailing and consistent atmosphere of Fellowship and openness, giving an example to the world how we should live all the time.

I had some interesting meetings here.  I observed a man doing yoga exercises on the lawn above the well. I spoke to him saying that maybe not doing yoga exercises was an abuse of ourselves and showing a lack of respect to our body. He pondered a bit and thought that this was being a little bit negative and said that all he does when he performs yoga is to think of ‘me and God’. No one else. I commented that from his example I learnt a lot and was encouraged to consider my own attitude towards these practices. I can’t say he was scornful but my left brain motivated words didn’t mean much to him. He was totally in the zone and I saw him greeting other people and holding hands with them.

I left the area and went down to sit by the log fire, yes we always have a fire at the celebrations. Never mind what time of year it is. I sat down at a bench and a lady next to him said ‘hello.’  It appears that she was an energy healer  and since I am a chakra reader we have plenty to talk about. We discussed whether or not we should charge and I told her that in cases of my feeling that the person who asks has given a lot to other people, I would recompense them on the half of the universe and give a free reading . I said that no two cases are the same and that I’d charge £40 or £100 for a reading and it’s more a question of being sensitive to someone’s environment.

One thing led to another and I offered her a reading which consisted of looking at the male and female balance in her aura as it was at the moment compared with the male and female balance when she was born. It was quite clear that she had tried to make herself androgynous and reduce the male and female elements in her self to a very low-level, 10% and 11% respectively. It was revealed that she had an assault by a family member from which she had obviously not recovered. This is a good lesson to show that everything we do say and think is lodged in the energy field and that if it is negative in nature will cause trouble until we get rid of it. It is not true that time heals. What is true is that understanding and acceptance heals. This event encouraged me further to offer these sort of services on a more full-time level. The problem is, how to advertise it.

if you cannot read it, it says that the exchange toilet is in Burundi.

On the way out while visiting the loo I noticed this amazing twinning. Who has heard of twinned  toilets. I mentioned this in my diary of September 19, 2017. I notice the image has changed. That time it was exchanging with a toilet in Uganda. Dynamic twinning eh! Wonders never cease.

To Glastonbury high Street which is always packed with tourists at this time of year. On to our regular feeding trough ‘Burns The Bread’ for our favourite confectionery both sweet and savoury.

On the way back we noticed someone has bordered their lawn with lettuce. I can say this is the first time I’ve ever seen this.


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