20th Anniversary of our local Farmers Market

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This is the 20th anniversary of the local farmers market here in Midsomer Norton. Farmers markets dates all the way back to Egypt over 5000 years ago. Farmers along the Nile came together to sell their fresh produce. The first farmers markets in the United States opened in 1634 in Boston. The biggest farmers market in the world is in Tokyo, and has over 1700 stalls. In the United Kingdom, there has been a market in Ashton Under Lyme, Lancashire, since 1284.

Markets bring the producers in direct contact with the consumers or customers. Different sorts of conversations happen. The price bracket is different but the quality is much better and you can almost guarantee fewer chemicals, though even with so-called organic food, chemicals may have been used at some point typically in the form of sprays.

As most of you know, I’m interested in campaigning against 5G, smart meters and anything else that is designed to be part of the control grid which will surround us and influence us on 24/7 basis. It is a lonely job to try and rouse your friends and colleagues with some awareness of what is going to hit us all. I am no stranger to networking; my first attempt at networking happened in 1970 when I formed an organisation called London Village designed for people to meet others, people new to London. You could say networking is in my blood.

‘5G Worker Bees’ is my latest project. I shall be inviting people who are already doing something towards campaigning and who could probably use some support, advice, hints and tips, the opportunity to share, the problems with dealing with a very brainwashed society. I shall not be using Facebook. You might as well share your feelings directly with the CIA.

Freedom from thought and excessive thinking. I’m as guilty as anyone of jumping whenever my mobile phone rings or bleeps telling me there is a text message. Anyone else similarly addicted is invited to watch this video. It is about 14 min in length

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