The pleasure of having nothing in my diary

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Today it is raining and there is no itinerary or duties today apart from one meeting this evening. I have just been informed on the grapevine that Jeremy Vine, who has a show on BBC Radio Two is to talk about electro-sensitivity and 5G.  I dutifully sent off a text telling him that the great mistake that the industry made was not to do any testing on the human being. So in fact we are part of the greatest biological experiment of times.

This morning in the paper there was an advertisement for a five-star fly/cruise voyage to Australia and New Zealand. It’s a 25 night job , three nights in Dubai, three nights in Auckland, traveling to Hobart, traveling then to Melbourne and then Sydney and arriving in London on day 26. You get 14 nights full board voyage on-board the ship. The offers are from £2999 inside for the March 2020 cruise, but the timing I was interested in, departing 16th of November 2019 was £4499 but that was for an outside Veranda suite.

The downside is that you spend nine nights in places that are expensive; Dubai, Sydney, Auckland, so that is 27 meals plus snacks plus transport plus tourist attractions.  There won’t be much change out of £1000. Say 12,000 quid for two people all in or £480 per day for two.

I spoke to a very nice sales lady from the company called Leona who gave me her direct number and was very happy to answer questions. Evidently everyone who has telephoned and booked has queried the price thinking it to be too good to be true.

‘Wilful Blindness – why we ignore the obvious’ was one of Amazon’s recommended reads. It’s one of those you can order in Kindle format at £.99 and I must say I’m a sucker here. It arrives in moments. The book is very interesting and goes into great detail how people want to hide the truth from themselves because they’ve invested themselves so much in the situation. They don’t want to make a fool of themselves in their own eyes. An example was given of a woman who found her husband  with an  erection in bed with one of her children and she was not able to put two and two together and see what was going on thinking “it must just be me.”.

The brain wants to maintain unity and will invent all sorts of rationalisations why something that is clearly not right should be acceptable. I myself have done this but the net result is it you lose power, confidence and integrity through not acknowledging what is going on.

I had to write a letter today to the local council querying their decision to put the rent of my allotment Association up by 43%. Sometimes I think that people in control are forgetting that they are dealing with individuals – many of whom have limited means. With important letters, I always send them off for checking in this case to the committee. Sometimes you can have the right points but perhaps in the wrong order or something can be changed to be made more acceptable.

My video of the day was about a town council in Devon dealing with a number of objections to 5G.  In spite of the rational statements that were put out in a very polite manner by many people, they were all rebuffed, including by one person who should have known better. However, I suspect that the only way forward is continual repetition for people to actually listen. It may be necessary to tell them 10 times, but we can’t give up.

Françoise is trying little by little to clear the loft, which has far too many goods and chattels. Same is true of me. The problem is that the very day after I give something away I will probably need it but I’m running out of space, so needs must.

My sister is calling our elder sister in Australia because she’s not very well. To my horror, I found she’s using BT which is costing her a fortune so I told her about and now she can speak to Australia for 2.5 pence a minute plus it should be added 5p connection charge.

The rain has finally ceased at least for a moment so hopefully tomorrow I can get some more gardening work done.

It was most pleasant to have nothing on my schedule. Things always come out of nowhere when you least expect them.

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