To Wells – a scarecrow competition

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The (ap)peal of church bells announcing a wedding.

Wells in Somerset should be on the “to do” list for anyone visiting the area. It is particularly attractive for those who have difficulty walking, or getting around since all the main features are step-free.  I include the market, Wednesdays and Saturdays, the Cathedral, the Cathedral Gardens, the museum for the most part, the various historical features. The radius of the main features is within half a mile so no one is going to exhaust themselves.

The allotments which I imagine are part of the cathedral grounds are a delight and a work of art. We debated whether to renew our membership of the bishops gardens which includes any exhibition that might be going on and the allotments themselves and decided that £52 a year was a price worth paying. Bearing in mind that the single visit is £8.75 . I find that the palace gardens are a break from the noise of life, and that the electromagnetic field is low, which gives me some relief.

I’m going to include pictures from an exhibition in the Palace Gallery and from the allotments themselves. As they say, one picture is worth 1000 words. we will start with the swans, who maintain their vigilance over their chicks. People approach at their peril.

This is the moat around the Palace grounds.

This is one of the helpful information boards within the grounds

the banqueting room awaits guests from the wedding going on in the Cathedral

Certainly, a scarecrow competition of some sort.



It does not get much more idyllic than this.

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