So what’s so important about our weight?

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I’m aware now that the more fat I carry around with me the less healthy I become, the more work the heart has to do, the more my clothes will cease to fit and maybe the less comfortable I feel. At my age I am not concerned about ‘being attractive’. The main thing is to avoid frightening small children.

This is my body mass index calculator result. I like this particular calculator because it is friendly and easy to use. Sometimes I forget my height in centimetres for example.  I like the fact that the website includes real stories of people who have tried to lose weight so some people who are conscious of their weight might benefit from read this.

Obesity is becoming a bigger problem in this country. I don’t think it will ever get to the stage of America but we are up there among the most overweight in Europe. One thing I find unattractive about men is the beer belly. However, I have a particular dislike of very fat women. Some are so obese they cannot even walk without waddling. I wonder why no one has drawn this to their attention. They didn’t suddenly wake up one morning to discover they are overweight. I do not see how they can be comfortable. There are many things I don’t understand about the female of the species and I admit that this is one of them.

To finish off – Carbon Dioxide nonsense.

CO2 is nature’s natural fertilizer.
Increased CO2 leads to ‘greening’.
CO2 levels are lower than they should be at the moment.
CO2 comprises 0.04% of the atmosphere
97% is generated by nature itself
The balance, 3% (of the 0.04%), is generated by humans
of this 3% of this 0.04% (1/100 of a percent)
1.3% is created by one country (Australia) and the rest in proportion around the world.

oh – and the sea levels are stable in the mid hemisphere but going up by a maximum 1 mm a YEAR in the Northern Hemisphere.

See one of the many videos if you want.

We need a Carbon Dioxide Appreciation Day and — without this gas we would be — dead.

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