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My digestive problems continue and I can hardly eat anything without being  troubled with acidosis. I have joined a Facebook group on the subject and it seems I have plenty of fellow sufferers. The answer is diet for the most part. Acid suppressants such as Omeprazole are not the answer, because we do need acid in our stomach to digest food.

I find myself extremely allergic to dairy products, including milk, cheese, even I suspect butter, but I can put away a traditional English breakfast without any problem at all. As my readers will know this is an activity not entirely unknown to me. I was considerably ‘down’ this morning and decided to go to bed and stayed there for about two hours. When I arose, my appetite had returned and I felt somewhat easier with myself. However, this trend cannot continue, and I shall make of another attempt to contact the doctor on Monday to have a scan.

I’m a little bit concerned about cancer and the possibility of it.  My sister Marigold and my mother both died of it. I want to make sure that it does not visit me.  I know I’m 75 years of age but I do want to enjoy a good few more years of physical health.

There is a huge amount of educational material to watch this week. There is an exposition of talks on 5G given by 42 experts and as each is one hour long it is very difficult to encompass them all when the impact given by even one is so great that it takes me most of the day to recover from its implications and absorbed into my system.

I gave a quote for a job recently, a lovely job working to tidy up a hedge that got overgrown and put light excluding material on an area which needed to be kept clean. I have a horrible feeling, though I may be wrong, that the people concerned who run a centre for rescue dogs have no idea how much things cost. I charge £20 an hour per person, so in this case the bill was £500 for the labour. They will probably draw in their teeth and think it is too much.  I do wonder whether the uncertainty about Brexit has caused everyone to draw in their horns and be more careful about money.

I received a request for a reading from someone who I last met three years ago in Finland. He asked about the reliability of a potential job hire from Russia and asked me what I thought. He also asked about the condition of his mother. This is much easier to do then you may think but you do need discipline and focus. We are all connected together at a higher level though the education system does its best to bash this knowledge out of us.

We spent two hours this evening watching a video of a most remarkable chap called Mark Passio who lives and works in Philadelphia in America.  He has perfected the art of plain speaking. His video lasted for two hours and if you have never met plain speaking before you might like to watch this one. It’s about the fact that were too scared to see the world as it is. ***Just put up with the liberal use of the F word*** .

I can only say that I can agree with him point after point.

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