Sensuous things that I really enjoy experiencing

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Are you ready for a list?

Painting – Taking a brush, daubing it with paint and putting it on fresh wood and making sure it is evenly spread

Eating – wiping your plate clean after a delicious meal; having an ice cream on a hot day and finding it doesn’t give you indigestion

Printing – receiving a brand-new printed version of what you requested on the Internet be a business card or leaflet and seeing that it is exactly what you wanted

Partners – when two people have the same thought at the same time (it can be annoying though – who claims authorship)

Gardening – using a sharp chainsaw, cutting down a tree and seeing it crash to the ground; hearing customers say that they are really happy with the job that Françoise and myself have done.

Drain cleaning – using a hose or rod, unblocking a drain and seeing the water flow freely again

Bank accounts – reconciling my accounts with my statements

Allotments – digging potatoes and finding nice big tubers with no disease

Driving – being aware that your automatic gearbox is doing its job so smoothly that you can scarcely hear when the gears change

Parking – driving along the road looking for a space and seeing someone leave just at the moment you had given up

Bedtime – getting into bed between newly aired sheets when you are really tired

Travel – the satisfaction of seeing a petrol station selling pas at six pence per liter cheaper than another one just when you need to fill up.

The morning – drawing the curtains on waking and seeing a clear blue sky on the very day we want to go out

Winter evening – sitting in front of a log fire and enjoying its warmth. Much better than sitting in front of central heating. The fire lives.

People – seeing and recognising someone you haven’t met for ages; receiving correspondence from someone you never expected to hear from

Intellect – getting the aha moment when you realise something for the first time or shall we say ‘connect the dots’.

Strangers – meeting a stranger in the street or public place and having a wonderful conversation with someone you have something in common with

Motor car or machine – finding an engine starts first time after months of disuse

The seaside – Spring tides crashing over the promenade

The tides at Richmond, London – a special form of satisfaction when the Thames has the very high tides in March and September. The path adjacent becomes flooded and people can easily get caught, including having parked their car on what they thought was a safe area.

For me in particular – doing a psychic reading and hearing someone say that the reading was very helpful and spot on.

Shops – seeing something you really wanted for sale at half price.

Tax – receiving a tax rebate notice in the post

As they say, the best things in life are free

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