Carbon Dioxide, how to listen – the stomach (once again)

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<rant mode on> Part of my psychology is involved in sorting out the truth from falsity. I resent the fact that most of what we are told – about everything – by the main stream media is either a lie or a cover up for a lie.

On the topic of ‘Extinction Rebellion and the carbon dioxide ‘debate’  Have a look at this video by Patrick Moore PhD from the website ‘Conversations that Matter‘. or his campaign site.  Spot the difference between this authoritative interview and what passes for news on the BBC. We are in dire need of impartial facts. <rant mode off>

Whilst we are on media matters, and as a very good follow-on from the previous paragraph I’m a great fan of Jordan Peterson and about the topic he covers here which is very rarely faced. He makes enemies and friends in equal measure and I do invite you to watch this video, which lasts less than 5 min, which is called “how to really listen to other people”. I think if the whole world followed this  model, it would be a much better place.


Bad news today. Yesterday I was contacted by a lady in Timsbury who had a garden clearing job. It was just up my street, small, compact and untidy with a tree to be taken down. Because of my skill set I was able to offer this for a reasonable price. Today I received a text saying that unbeknown to her, her son and a friend had agreed to do the garden so my services were not required.  What happened was (my theory) that her son had been promising to do the garden for ages and when she telephoned him to tell that I was going to do it, his conscience was tweaked and he said that after all he was intending to do it any way. I will believe it when I see it but then not much I can do after she has said “no”.


A restless day during which my stomach did not perform well. I did not make many demands of it. I joined the Acid Reflux/GERD/LPR support group on Facebook.  It’s good to know there are fellow sufferers. Diet has a lot to do with it. Cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline stomach so that should give a clue.  I can consider myself lucky. Samuel Pepys, the inspirator of this diary suffered from a young age from bladder stones in his urinary tract—a condition from which his mother and brother John also later suffered. He was almost never without pain, as well as other symptoms, including “blood in the urine” (hematuria). By the time of his marriage, the condition was very severe.

Still miserable about losing my garden job.

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