Children’s entertainer ‘removes’ my wife’s bra

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Driving along yesterday Friday we saw a sign saying “Chew Stoke Harvest” so we thought we’d better investigate it. This is a very small village of I would guess about 1000 souls (on checking 998 in the 2017 survey)

It was advertised to be held on Saturday 7 September 2019, 12.30 onwards. On arrival at the village the most annoying thing was that there were no signposts. Presumably because the organisers thought that everyone would know where the event was so we had to drive around a little bit.
We finally found the venue, a field to the east of the town, paid £3 admittance and found a very jolly group of people all intent on enjoying themselves, lots of dogs (well, there was a dog show), lots of children, lots of screaming, lots of running around.

As I have remarked before, you can detect a farmer a mile off. He is big boned, obviously healthy, and quite tall. You don’t mess with these people. If they are used to dealing with harvesters or bulls they have learned to be survivors and wont take any nonsense from anyone.

This was my first opportunity to pick up the ‘jaws of life’ as they are called. There are two versions. One is to prise metal apart, for example the doors of a car and the other one is to cut metal columns. These models are powered by compressed air but new ones are being introduced, so we are told, that will be powered by batteries.
You have to be physically fit to even pick them up.

The Women’s Institute, an organisation I believe to be about 150 years old, make cakes like no other organisation and I joked with the very nice lady that the world would end before the Women’s Institute, so unfailingly friendly and reliable are these purveyors of cakes. We bought some jam, some chutney, some cakes.

Ooops I don’t know what has happened to the code from here on. I must have removed something without realising it.

I totally approve of local buying and selling activity. It keeps a sense of community. It keeps the countryside alive and takes that little bit of pressure off people who otherwise would find it difficult to survive

This was the van of the children’s entertainer that has been completely covered with artificial grass, and a very nice job it was too

The entertainer had a great rapport with the children, but a slight difficulty with controlling them but everything was done in good spirit. He took a liking to my wife and decided to dance with her and then appeared to run off with her bra. He had secreted a bra in his pocket beforehand. Very clever and unexpected and totally inoffensive

We found the brass band to be of very good quality and you can judge this yourself with the above video.
And now, off to the fruit, vegetable and flower marquee. The standard was of a very good quality and I can only give you a small insight here.

The whole lot was very unpretentious and unassuming. It is churlish to talk about value for money but it cost three pounds to get in, which was probably used on the numerous expenses that people are not necessarily aware of, are a small price to pay and we had a lovely couple of hours.
I did not get any particular contact with anybody though Francoise did. It is a very local area and I won’t say they were inward looking, but their attitude to strangers was polite but somewhat distant, perhaps guarded.

A lovely sky scape – cool but pleasant – autumn is coming

I started taking my new folic acid pills this morning at the recommendation of Tim – as I wrote yesterday.  I have been hammering down all sorts of food today and yet the acid stomach has not reappeared. This is an enormous relief. We shall see how long this lasts.

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