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I had quite a bad day yesterday with my stomach. It started well enough, but I made what was obviously a mistake to eat Digitalsome fried salty bacon, from pork, one of the acidic foods. Before I knew where I was I was on a helter-skelter of stomach pains, eating more fruit to compensate, adding some bicarbonate of soda, vomiting up,  and it was no fun at all.

I’m the sort of person that needs to be hit on the head several times before I realise something and this is certainly the case with my food intake. When I was young, I could stuff anything into my mouth and swallow it without chewing, and not suffer the consequences. Now this is not possible.

In your average supermarket, the foods are contaminated with glyophosphate, additives of dubious origin, tasting agents which make you feel that you’re eating the real thing when in fact it’s largely a chemical derivative. Even sacred cows such as milk (ha ha) are vulnerable since what cattle feed on in terms of grass could be contaminated by chemicals. Have you noticed how many non-dairy variations there are  to milk are on offer?. Oat Milk, Rice Milk, Oat Milk, Any Other Sort of Milk. You name it. There is a shelf full of it.

I cannot drink dairy milk at all now without vomiting or at least having it repeating on me. The effects start within about 15 min and carry on for about two or three hours. I often get a bloating of the stomach.

I also love cakes. These are often full of preservative to prolong their life. I tend to go now for home-made cakes which although they may contain sugar, which is on my banned list, they are made from pure ingredients. See the image of the top of this page which I bought from the blessed Women’s Institute stand that I referred to a few days ago. It was lovely and I got no repeats from it. I find that anything containing oats particularly when mixed with dates, is a  rewarding and calm experience. If I just stick to the right foods I’m all right. If I disobey then I’m not all right.

To cheer myself up, I printed out the image below obtained from one of the acid stomach groups on Facebook.

So life is perhaps not so bad.

I feel, rightly or wrongly, that if there was something wrong with the architecture of the stomach, I could not take any food. It’s just that I am allergic to certain types of food and it’s as simple as that.

Oh that life itself were that simple.

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