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On Sundays, I don’t have a fixed idea of what should be done but just let places float through my mind until one jumps at me. En route, the same thing should happen. When I feel like jumping off the intended route and going to investigate something. We always meet interesting people and it is a very stressfree activity.

So, with my sister and brother-in-law, we have another cloudless day so we think a visit to the oft mentioned Cheddar car boot event (search on this site for many references) would be a good eye-opener for them.

If you’re interested in getting used baby clothes, often rusty tools, DVDs, cutlery and crockery, outdated electrical items, this is the place for you. And I believe good bargains can be found. Although there were hundreds of exhibitors, I walked up and down the rows in search of a decent garden fork, the sort that have very thin tines which actually do a digging job well, but could find none.

Off to the garden centre nearby about which I have written many times and then we decided to go to WestHay which is on the Somerset levels. We went to the visitor centre but before that we went to the curious Sweets cafe and Museum, beloved of walkers and bikers everywhere. Here are a few images of this idiosyncratic place where the service is  somewhat amateurish but the atmosphere is wonderful.

there is a definite comradeship amongst cyclists

part of the quirky interior to the cafe

A piece of architectural equipment being reclaimed by nature

To home, Country File on BBC1, Antiques Roadshow to follow, a rather lazy evening watching the television. Our hire car, a Hyundai I10 hire car is amazingly economical on petrol. If and when I stop my gardening activities I would definitely downsize. We did 60 miles today and the petrol needle barely moved.

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