The few spoil it for the many

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I had cause to go to my garage and claim a courtesy car because my normal vehicle is not functioning. .There was one available, but the lady receptionist told me that from now on the charge was £.30 a mile. This is not an insubstantial amount and I asked her why. She said that the firm was losing money because they had given out cars without charge and people returned them in a less than pristine condition. One person went to Glastonbury for the Festival and returned the car full of rubbish in the boot.

Another lady bought a car in, was told that it was unserviceable, and spent six weeks apparently driving around for no cost trying to find another car to buy. She was difficult to get hold of on the phone and eventually the company had to report the car is stolen. The woman eventually returned with the car but again it was in a mess.

They also run the car completely down to an empty tank and do not compensate for the fuel they have used.

I consider these people selfish and anti-community minded. Because of idiots like this, people like myself cannot have a car for a few days while I wait for the car to be repaired

We went to a talk this evening by a scientist talking about James Watt, the Scottish engineer. He ended up with a talk on climate change, full of the usual nonsense about the demonisation of carbon dioxide, the usual fake charts, the usual avoidance of discussing the middle-ages warm period not to mention the Roman warming period. I think people sometimes lose their brains. Has it not occurred to people that the main cause of global warming or cooling could be the sun. NASA showed that the rise and fall of temperatures was due to the perturbation of the Earth in its orbit. I read that people are being asked not to eat meat, not fly planes, and such nonsense.

I felt like challenging him but I felt that he was so closed minded that it was a waste of time plus the fact that at the particular group,the Radstock Scientific Society, it is not considered good form to criticise a speaker.

There are some occasions when it’s not worth getting involved.

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