Dare I drive a car? – Why walk out of a lecture?

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A lovely day today with a cloudless sky. A true Indian summer.

After my sister and brother-in-law departed for their home in Croydon I set about clearing out my man-shed. Very frequently, I know that something has to be done but I need a trigger to actually do it. The trigger was yet another special offer in Lidl, a set of plastic transparent drawers of varying sizes just suitable for things like screws, plugs et cetera. Funny, when the time has come you do it quickly and efficiently as if propelled by the wind.

To collect my car, the one that stalls without reason. Unfortunately, the garage  could not find the reason for it, having tried to recreate the problem without success. Although I’ve got the car back  I now feel I’m living with a time bomb. It would have been much more relaxing if I knew what was going on but now, so far as I’m concerned, we could be driving along a motorway at 70 miles an hour and things could cut out suddenly. I shall always keep in the slow lane until I’m quite certain that the car is performing well.

To a talk this evening by a local horticultural group on Indoor Plants. The man told us that he had been interested in this for 45 years and my goodness did it sound like it. We met in a community hall. The acoustics were very bad, and the fan from the projector was between us and the speaker. He spoke in a monotonous voice. I could only hear about half of what he was saying and that didn’t seem to be very interesting. He showed us a slide, said what the plant was an under what conditions it grew.

About 15 minutes into the lecture I resigned myself to being bored out of my mind, thinking of all the other things I could do. To my surprise, Françoise turned to me and said, “shall we go?”. I needed no second invitation. Out we went into the night. Françoise will sit through a film because she wants to see what the ending is even though the film is boring but this example, this event, took the prize for being positively irritating. As we were learning nothing. I thought it better that we leave.

To home, another edition of Grand Designs, a mountain of ironing to do and the watery results of defrosting a fridge.

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