Varying reactions to giving a garden quote

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I don’t think any two people react the same way to being given a quotation, be it large or small. At the moment, I think everyone’s brains are being fried by Brexit and I don’t know if anyone is capable of rational thought. I won’t mention the mass hysteria which is called Extinction Rebellion, which is a cynical campaign by those who stand to gain from the enormously profitable carbon credits system. I intend to write a blog just about this subject fairly soon. Samuel Pepys commented on the political situation so I am following in his footsteps.

The biggest problem as I see it, apart from lack of money is the naivete on the part of those who want a quote for their beloved garden, in some cases not so beloved. I did a very carefully constructed quote for somebody who had a three level garden, the bottom part of which was full of brambles, as was the common path at the bottom. There was no access through the house so we would have to drag any spoil up a flight of concrete steps and take it to the local recycle. He was a tenant so the landlord obliged him to maintain a certain amount of order in the garden. He wrote back to me saying that “your sense of humour has got the better of you” thanks but no thanks. I just wonder if people put on a show of bravado because they don’t have any money but in that case why ask someone to call and spend their time and energy giving a quote.

On the other hand, today, we did a clearing job for a charity that rescues greyhounds. It was necessary to clear an area of stinging nettles behind the property and also dispose of some accumulated rubbish. As soon as I entered the scene, I felt there was a richness of human nature and caring. Everyone was dedicated to looking after dogs and respecting them, so necessary because of the mistreatment that the dogs have had to suffer. Some of them have never been in a home before would you believe.

We got paid peanuts for the job but I was glad to do it because I felt we were contributing to the greater cause. I discovered a way of enhancing the speed at which a bonfire burns because we don’t like to leave lighted material when we leave even though it looks safe. I use my leaf blower which jets out air at an enormous speed and makes a total blast furnace effect. 5 minutes of that will increase the rate of burning of the fire about 10 fold. Very satisfying. The lady was very grateful and when she paid us said “thank you from the hounds and humans.”

The fact is that the lady who gave us the job was very nice and happy within herself. She asked us to come and quote for her own private accommodation which we will be delighted to do. She was prepared to go that extra mile to make us feel valued.

A third quote which happened a few days ago resulted in the customer writing to me saying that unbeknown to her, her son had decided to do the job himself. So thank you very much.

I think I still have to learn to boundary myself from any negative experiences or wasted time because I’m experiencing in a small way human nature in all its wonderful forms. . Thank goodness I don’t have a statutory remit to deal with people who I don’t get on with.

This is so different from last year. I can’t believe then the rate of change of consciousness on the planet is also so great, probably tending more towards insecurity and fear, that I must not grumble although of course I do grumble.   All we can do is to put it out there and do our best to respond to what comes back.

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