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Our ever discontented neighbour has noticed that leaves from our trees are blowing over his lawn so to pacify him, if that is possible in this life, we have agreed to sweep his lawn from time to time to remove them. Most of the time, the wind does a perfectly good job but on occasions we will need to deal with the balance.

We are short of bread at the moment so I reached in the cupboard to have some of Françoise’s gluten-free bread and noticed that it was attaining a life of its own. Ever keen to make something of it I decided to make a face as a little art installation.

Today has been a creative day from the point of view of my Internet environment. I have just heard that the parents of Greta Thunburg may be prosecuted for child abuse. She is clearly in a state of Post-traumatic shock as was seen in the talk to the UN a couple of days ago. I have decided therefore to build a new site in addition to my 5G site laying out the pros and cons of the current argument for and against ‘climate change’.

I know that the whole thing will come together very quickly as the last venture did in May 2018 when I created the site 5G exposed over a weekend. If the time is right, the energy flows. I just put out an appeal to people per hour which is a website for getting freelancers. I have asked for suggestions for a WordPress type template suitable for the application and also someone who is familiar with the subject and can design a logo.

I went to a local garage to tell them about my misfiring and installing engine and he recommended someone in Coleford, which is a nearby village, where someone has the latest plug-in diagnostic equipment and will surely find the fault. There is nothing worse than driving around knowing that something may happen not understanding what caused it.

The rain is continuing tonight as yet another low pressure area comes through the British Isles.

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