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I do not know where I would be, or who I would be, if I could not bring ideas into the world. A free platform is essential for this to happen. I was thinking the other day that people who work for large corporations or indeed any firm with rules and regulations probably lose about 95% of their creativity

I talked to an Indian firm today one with 150 employees and the world willing to help me develop my website for the base rate of £12 an hour. In order to start they wanted me to pay for a block of 20 hours which would cost me £480. They showed me time sheets that they keep. Although they scrolled them quickly down the screen, I was able to see the elements which were actually quite simple. Two actions of adjustments to a website were billed as two hours and I know that if you knew what you were doing it would take 20 min maximum. I will turn them down.

A web designer called Fabrice (that is a male name by the way) wrote to me from Calais, France telling me that he was interested in the job. I would far rather have one person work with me then a corporation because you are going to pay for a load of overheads and for services that you do not need. My requirement is for entry-level technical stuff. He was able to start straightaway and in an hour he made a number of proposals so I told him just get on with it.

I also found someone from Pakistan to do me a logo but it was not very good, but at least it kickstarted me to think of the idea of logos so I was quite happy to pay him 50 quid.

Any new venture is a risk and you risk losing money as well as gaining money but if that is the only thing you think of then your vision is very limited. Best to get on with it. The question is, what is important in life.

This evening we had a committee meeting for the allotment Association. We wondered how allotment holders would take the increase in charges but one member calculated that the average tenant was going to pay about £.50 a week in total for the privilege which we thought was a fair deal. When you consider that water is included in the allotment area when many allotments have no supply of water.

And so to bed. I refuse to watch the news because I’m sick of Boris the Prime Minister and I’m sick of Extinction Rebellion in fact I am sick of the BBC in general. We watched ITV News and it had more dignity about it because I think it is less compromised.

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