Climbing a nearly vertical hill.

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Learning a new skill set or modifying my existing skill set fills me with …. anticipation?   My new colleague David from Scotland is starting to tutor me on Avada / Fuison Builder which functions within WordPress. This is for my new site or It is fortunately an updated version of the template I’m using for and for and will be far more effective for search engines and so on.

Fortunately, David is very patient and he is expert in Avada so I can deal with him with my problems without to much trauma. Screen sharing is very good because he can show me exactly what to do. He knows this topic upside down so I decided to proceed on an element by element basis and get to know the system through understanding the parts, hoping that the familiarity will spread out.

The good thing is that elements of my old template are the same as for the new site so I can jump from the familiar into the unfamiliar with less trauma than if it was say a completely new language like, say, Chinese or Japanese.

The next week is my last week of mobility until I have to rest after what will be quite an operation on Monday, 7 October. I have two gardening jobs to do, car electrics to check, we must go to Warminster to collect wood for the winter, and I must write to my Allotment Association members to get them to pay some money for their rentals.   Some of these elements depend upon the weather, which is varied to say the least, but hopefully from this coming Wednesday it will be better if a little colder.

So I have seven days to make the best of things. We shall see what Mother Nature has to hand out.


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