Regreening the desert with John D. Liu

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There is something visceral about watching a video that completely resonates at a deep level. I’ve just finished watching the video “re-greening the desert.” The idea that you can go from neglected land that has been abused for years to soil capable of growing vegetables, where streams reappear, which can fertilise itself, is an idea that is so fundamental that I cannot express it in words. If you can spare 47 min 30 seconds then have a look here.

This was a funny day, not much going on. We went to the allotment and  delivered manure to our plot. The manure does not feed the plants, it feeds the soil particularly with regard to microbial activity and that of course provides the environment in which the plants live.

I am aware of my forthcoming hernia operation on Monday after which normal life will cease for a few days or at least until the initial pain wears off. I will be given a multitude of painkiller pills I’m sure but as someone recommended to me, only take them if you need them. I will not be able to work for a month – that is my guess – so it will be sedentary  work probably consisting of sitting in front of my computer and perfecting my new website.

I continue to be shocked about the mendacity of those who promote climate change. It provides hypnotised gullible young people with an excuse for disrupting London for days at a time. The science is so wrong, so corrupt, so dishonest. The Earth is in fact cooling and we are approaching the grand solar minimum, which is due to climax in 2030. By this time we shall have considerable problems being able to grow crops because for every 1° falling temperature 20 days is subtracted from the growing season of plants.

Yesterday I wrote to ten fellow colleagues who I thought were fairly reliable observers about my new site, asking them to look at it and seeing what they thought. I’ve had no reply so far. People probably think “Why Should I Bother with Something That Is Not My Concern.” This individualistic view is not going to take us anywhere. If we lose the capacity for wanting to share and care then there is not much future for humanity I’m afraid.

I have been working reasonably hard in the gardening business to make sure I have enough funds to cover me while I’m not able to work. This afternoon I got a job from someone who had also got a quote from a gardening company in Fishponds, which is North Bristol. Evidently his quote was much more expensive than mine so I have the job. Weather permitting, I will make a start tomorrow which is my last day of liberty.

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