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The man standing appears to be a little bit of a computer buff and explaining to other people what to do.

It is quite something for me to be irregular in my diary writing but quite frankly very little has happened except my recuperating, the final phase I think, from my hernia operation. I am generally in good form but I find that from time to time I get tired and a little bit cold and just have to sit on the sofa in front of the fire for a few hours. As I say, it’s better to work with nature than against it.

I recently visited the Swallow Cafe, which is a brand, designed for people with learning difficulties. The atmosphere there is very pleasant and accommodating. I couldn’t help noticing the large number of grossly overweight females, some in electric assistance chairs, laughing and joking together. My inclination is to attribute the huge amount of fatty tissue to eating junk food. I wonder if women have different metabolisms to men or is it a hormonal problem.

I’m looking forward to a week off in Cornwall in November. I know it will be very much off-season. The weather in Cornwall tends to be rather special, much more influenced by the Atlantic, and at this time of year will be blessed with far fewer tourists.

Extinction Rebellion people seem to have gone over the top by stopping the tube trains running. I think that’s the last time they do something in London, at least for some time. I was listening to Women’s Hour this morning talking about children ‘worried’ about climate change. This arises from a worldwide psy op to frighten people and thus make them more easily controllable.  The youngsters identify with Greta Thunberg and are being frightened, needlessly as it happens.

If you look at real science, we are towards the lower end of parts per million of carbon dioxide and for maximum growth it would be good to have 1200 ppm. Instead of the current 400 ppm.  Al Gore said in 2007 that the world would become unsustainable within 10 years  and we seem to have made it beyond 2017. Greta said last year that we had 11 years to go and that will prove as nonsensical as the last Prophecy.

Actual science is lost on the mainstream media particularly, surprise surprise, the BBC who now think there is no point in bringing on so-called climate deniers (aka people who really know what’s going on).

Nice feeling – I have enough garden work to keep me going until Christmas. It’s always good when income keeps up with the expenditure so I don’t have to dig into my savings. I expect the time will come when money ceases to be of any value, the Greek ‘haircut’ is the first example of this and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

I continue to listen to my favourite evangelical radio station, Trans-World Radio. One of the preachers was talking about the importance of thoughts and how we can be driven by them without being aware of it. As someone said, as a man thinks, so he is. It was the book of Proverbs “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” As you quote correctly say, everything starts with the thought. It’s up to us to feed ourselves with good thoughts which is slightly easier as I write these lines with a clear blue sky. This is one way of seeing one Atlantic low following another but for the moment we have an intermission.


I’m not sure about “going mad.” I think that “health and safety” has gone mad. Very much like Political Correctness. My wife went into a shop to ask for knitting needles and she was told that they do not stop them for health and safety reasons. She went into another shop and asked for crochet hooks and was told the same thing – they did not sell them for health and safety reasons. My, that will reduce the crime rate for vicious potential knitters who are put off their crime by the fact that the tools of their trade are not on open display.

Françoise eventually found a shop where they sold knitting needles under the counter so to speak.

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