Glastonbury at Hallowe’en


To Chalice Well for the celebration of Samhain. I did not expect many people but actually quite a few turned up, about 150 I would say, and the ladies as usual made a special attempt to dress up. As usual, there was a log fire in the middle of the green at the bottom of the property. This is the focal point for fellowship.

I’m sometimes tempted to have a chat with all and sundry but this time I was quite content to hang out on my own. The talk given by one of the women is given at midday. I’m sure that what she said was of value but I couldn’t hear it because her voice was so low so I wandered away. The basic premise – or the parts of it that I could grasp – was that you go as deep into your soul as you can and consider what you want to leave behind. In other words, what is redundant, and what you want to move forward with or want to become.

After an excellent pumpkin soup we left for our customary tour of Glastonbury town. Here are some images.

I then went to my favourite place of all time in Glastonbury, Goddess House where anyone who is feeling a bit down or confused, or just in need of rest should go and just sit in one of the rooms for their own benefit. I feel that ‘real women’ need to be connected to Mother Nature, to Mother Earth and to celebrate the fact that they can be mothers and give birth to a new generation. I feel very comfortable there and always re-charged.

Then back to the car via a most unusual B and B with these external adornments.