A good communion service and a useful chat.

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After my local church this morning for holy Communion with sermon. The sermon was interesting, talking about a tax collector who climbed a tree to see Jesus. Jesus asked him to come down saying that he would like to have a meal with the tax collector in his home, much to the consternation of crowd. Whilst Jesus was with him, the tax collector must have had a bad conscience because he agreed to return any money owed to people who he had cheated, fourfold,  and to give half his money to the poor. Jesus told him, Zacharias, that salvation would come to his house that day. I do wonder how many bad deeds are hanging over us because we have not resolved them.

The service itself zipped along with lively hymns, clearly enunciated prayers.  I have got used to this idea of ‘passing the peace’ where you shake hands with everyone in sight. It’s a good idea but I cringed the first time I saw it in action.

During the coffee afterwards, I had a chat with a lady who had been on a trip to London yesterday, Saturday. She was very proud that she got a special deal from a coach company for £15 return to London. She said the journey time was 2 hours 35 min. I do love hearing useful bits of information. When I have information myself I’m delighted to share it. I don’t regard good  or useful ideas as my property but something to be shared.

Tomorrow, irrespective of the weather, a long day in a garden when we are clearing a property that has not been touched for seven years since the death of the father of the present occupant.

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