Where does the time go?

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There are supposed to be about 16 hours between the time you get up in the time you go to sleep but for the life of me I don’t know where the time goes. Even if I don’t have anything ‘to do’, before you know where you are, it’s 4 PM and what I got to show for the day?

I wonder if the answer is to do certain activities in the morning, a different type of activity in the afternoon, and yet another activity in the evening. The problem with my evenings is that I eventually get caught up on some interesting TV programme, setting aside my weakness for ambulance videos, traffic cops, and anything involving operations particularly of a gory nature.

I think the day needs particular events in it, even if it’s only half an hour or an hour. I have difficulty with concentration and I find that no sooner do I get down to reading a book that I think of a million other things I would like to do and put the book down after five or 10 minutes. Françoise is helping with this by doing some EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique (look it up). it is just a question of breaking unhelpful circuits in the mind

We went down to the allotment today to find an unwarranted pile of second rate wood chippings partly blocking the car park entrance. I have to take responsibility for this in a way. A very jovial man rang me asking me whether I would like some free wood chips. Had I thought, I would have realised  that he just wanted to avoid the cost of dumping his garden waste. He was probably outside his area and did not have a permit to dump locally. One load was all right, delivered about two weeks ago, but today I see a second load has arrived. I must put up notices saying ‘please do not dump’ which is a real bore. Foolishly, I didn’t make a note of his details so I cannot call him up to cancel further deliveries.

I find American television chat shows to be universally ghastly with lots of wimps, clapping at the slightest point….real lowest common denominator stuff but today I found a really good program compared by someone called Mel Robbins. It was entitled ‘The warning signs of narcissists: are they in your life? ‘  Or the sheer number of good points, it must take some beating and was very helpful practically which is why I have included it in this diary entry

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