Glastonbury in the off-season

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I personally think that Glastonbury is over the top as a place to live but it is never never boring and has its full quota of weird and strange characters. It is well known worldwide and some say it is the heart chakra of the Earth. I’m not sure if it ever has an ‘off’ season.

I went to see Bee, Priestess Bee Helygen as she calls herself, very well qualified in psychic development, past life regression, counselling, Bach flower remedies, shamanic journey instructor and so on.  It is good to go to people that don’t know you from Adam as they can give an impartial view. It’s easier to admit your concerns and worries to a complete stranger and the fact that I myself do counselling doesn’t obviate me from the need to do this.

Being a psychic and sensitive can be a lonely experience when most of the people around you haven’t a clue what you’re about. Even worse, if you have a reputation for being able to read minds, people would run a mile rather than buy you a pint.

I love the atmosphere in the Goddess Centre and came into this room and sat quietly before the interview so that Bee would not have to fight through too much auric debris before getting to the real me.

The place is run by women, with a few more sensitive males having their own separate group and I just love the dignity and gentleness of these women who treat everyone with the utmost respect.

We enjoyed a bright blue sky, a clean crisp atmosphere. In the picture below you can just about see Glastonbury Tor on the hill to the left of the big tree in the middle.

With reference to my stomach troubles, I steered clear of milk and sugary things and had a variety of coffees, oatcakes, sausage rolls, and my stomach is perfectly fine, thank you.

To me, the sun is a great healer; I decided to take advantage of as many sunny days as I can to be out and about in nature.  The only trouble with winter is that the daylight hours are so short, you can’t really do anything serious after about 3.45 or 4 PM

I have just seen this image. What a profound observation.

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