Deciding where to go on holiday – the schools racket

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A cloudless sky and another crisp morning. Off to Warminster to get some more logs. We do not need any at the moment but the logs arrive damp and they need about a month to dry out.  We bought 150kg for £22.80 They are much less expensive than the eight or so manicured logs that arrive in a plastic bag and cost £5 in your local supermarket. OK you have to add on extra for petrol (gas) but it’s still worth it.

At home, I have a sudden unexpected desire to make plans for a holiday. I am more and more a home bird and have a distaste for travel particularly by air but sometimes I just do it anyway. I received an email from Travel Republic and was transferred to Broadway Travel, notable for cheap deals.  One turned up mentioning a hotel complex called Labranda Bahia de Lobos, in Spain, Canary Islands, Fuerteventura.   I always look at the Trip Advisor reviews, ignoring the one and 2 stars where I find that people had unrealistic expectations and therefore a bad day.  This hotel had 2080 reviews or which 95% were 3 star and above.

The most amazing thing were the prices. If I can choose to leave on 18th April 2020, a Saturday, I can have a flight from Gatwick plus an all inclusive 7 night stay for £299pp. If I travel two weeks prior (the week before Easter) when school holidays prevail then the same facilities are available for – wait for it – £930pp. In case you doubt me here is a screen shot.

No wonder that parents take their children out of school. This is an uplift of £631 per person, so a family with two teenage children will pay nearly £2400 more for the same service. I see that the hotel has WiFi so I am just checking that it is not in the actual room (which would mean I got no sleep) then I can book.

There are down sides to everything. The return flight arrives 01.25 on a Sunday morning at Gatwick. I will sit around, have a coffee, and then take one of the hourly trains to Victoria, London, whereupon I will take the first coach of the day back to Bath. For such cheap prices I will put up with (almost) any inconvenience.

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