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A day or so ago I was telling you about this wonderful offer for £299 for an all-inclusive week in the Canary Islands. I made a big mistake in delaying booking not realising that the price was so good that it would inevitably change. Sure enough, overnight, it went up from £299-£379. A day later it was £432. I see what they do, they start the ball rolling by giving a ridiculous offer and then move the price up. It moved up from £299-£432 in three days. I get it now. As soon as you see the offer, a lot of other people also see the offer, and you need to jump on it. Okay, I have to leave from London Gatwick at 5:40 AM but I don’t mind a little bit of inconvenience.

I attended a Christmas dinner celebration run by our local gardening group. There were three groups lf tables in  the allocated room at the Old Down Inn. If you go into the empty room it looks pleasant enough but when it is full of 40 people all talking at the top of their voices it’s quite frankly a hellish environment. The noise was so great that at our table of eight it was not possible to speak to the person opposite without actually shouting.

I’m sensitive to noise anyway so the tendency was to shut myself off, concentrate on the food,  and try not to look too miserable. It was not too far off a torture chamber though the food was good and plentiful. My ideal number for a meal is between four and six people. I like to hear what is being said, think about it, and respond but then that’s me.


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