Raping the minds of children in USA (and Sweden)

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I am a member of a local men’s Christian group we speak regularly to talk about Jesus, what behaviour is expected of us, what Christian life is all about. I sometimes wonder if people know what is really going on in terms of depravity as to how Marxist elements/ the crazy Left in America has declared war on Christianity, notably in America.

There is a very good website called allnewspipeline.com, which I quote

…..This widespread attempt to undermine the faith and morals of our children is actually a form of persecution. It’s not as obvious as slaughtering people and burning churches, but the goal is the same—to wipe out Christianity and replace it with something else…..

….A school district in Austin, Texas will teach third graders about oral and anal sex, and this includes role playing. In other words, eight-year-old boys and girls will pretend to do oral sex and anal sex on other children, while other children watch them do it. They will also pretend to have sex when they are drunk, and put a condom on somebody.

A 16-year-old girl was required to role play getting raped, in front of her classmates. She was also required to read out loud a poem which has such an indecent attitude towards sex that I cannot describe it here. That poem is full of four-letter words. The girl was traumatized by having to do these things in front of her classmates.

The NEA has also been promoting “death education,” and their goal is to change thinking about death as radically as they were able to change thinking about sex. Do you remember that shooting at Columbine? For years that school had been teaching death education.

Some schools even have a “suicide talking day.” On that day, students write suicide notes. They write their own obituaries and discuss what they will look like in their caskets. One student said that before “suicide talking day,” she never considered the possibility of suicide. After that day, she began to contemplate it. She thought that it would “liberate her spirit” so that it would no longer be “enslaved to her body.” In addition, it would help with the problem of global overpopulation. She said that the suicide training made her “brave enough” to commit suicide….

If you want to read the whole article, and see how the suicide rate is increasing as our children are becoming hopelessly indoctrinated visit this website. We have not seen anything yet.

What would be the effect on my brothers in the group if I read this out? They would probably switch off. ‘They would not do that, would they?’ Er – yes. So I have to carry this burden around on my own.

Check out this video. Viewer discretion advised.

Stand up now, or lose it all later – Will Johnson

Here is another one:

Alex Newman : Rescuing Our Children 55:54

Text Available In 48 Languages – Scroll to select

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