A winter visit to Wells

To Wells on a cold and blustery morning to see the Christmas markets in full swing. Funnily enough, crowds don’t excite me that much so I took refuge in the gardens of Wells Cathedral. Always a delight.

the spring that used to supply Wells with its water
all part of the cycle of life

I am tired of seeing endless stalls with artworks and knitted items that I don’t need and don’t want but I do acknowledge that a lot of creativity goes into them and people like the idea of making a few extra pounds.

I was not feeling very well and made the mistake of having a quiche at my favourite whole foods restaurant. Unfortunately, it contained raw onion which does not agree with me at all. I’m having to reorganise my whole diet to minimise carbohydrates and avoid sugar and even honey. It’s amazing how draining a stomach problem is. I find that once a vicious cycle starts in the stomach it goes on throughout the day.  Believe me, changing the habits of a lifetime is very difficult indeed.

My sister and brother-in-law are going to stay with us for a week over Christmas. We must somehow prepare in advance food without  overloading the fridge and freezer, which is already full to bursting point.