Stourhead revisited

This splendid National Trust property caught our attention yesterday in the form of a Christmas Festival of light. We were unable to gain admittance to the choral evening at Wells Cathedral because it was completely full, so decided to compensate by going along to another event.

Stourhead is in Wiltshire, but only 35 min from where we live in Midsomer Norton. There is something about lights at night that brings out the child in us. This was the first of the five-year contract for various exhibitions of light. For a first attempt it was very good with every effort being made to make the journey safe by for example the removal of small steps along the way. The cost was £18 a head. Bearing in mind the fact that it was so complicated and ambitious and that planning started the previous January. I don’t begrudge them such a seemingly large amount for admission. UK is beset by rain at the moment but we managed to escape the worst of it. I understand that on the previous Saturday, 14 December , they had 3000 people through the turnstiles. I went to the still open restaurant, which normally closes at 5:30 PM. I made the mistake of ordering a brie and chutney sandwich which repeated on me later on. I’m having to take on a completely new regime of eating which is unforgiving.