Digestion shows signs of settling

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The trouble with any internal ache or pain is that you can’t run away from it. Toothache is the worst, I’m sure heart pain is up there but stomach pain is – well – worse than a pain in the neck as we would say. I am being forced to eat more carefully, halve the amount I take and take double the amount of time to consume it. For a Gemini who feels most comfortable thinking about six different things at a time this is pure torture.

I’m going to be undertaking a test for the effectiveness of the small intestine. I have been given a  do-it-yourself kit by the chemist. I have to blow into two glass tubes,  drink a white powder diluted in water, wait half an hour, and then blow into two more tubes. I must send the kit off in the post and the result will be returned to my doctor in a few days.

Today was a splendid day in my local church. People start coming who normally do not come at any other time of year and they are nonetheless welcome for that. Our normal coffee morning was expanded to include sausage rolls, a great variety of cakes, mince pies, anything you could reasonably stomach at that time of day.

The church looks lovely as I’ve shown in my previous images and there were about 70 people. During the proceedings, the organist played well-known carols to which people sung along if they felt like it.  We then had a raffle with about 12 prizes, the money going to church funds.

This afternoon I did a reading for someone called Max. One of the talents I’ve got is to be able to pick up people’s thoughts just from their name. It is a great service to people who have had relationships and can help them to be released from them without hurt to either party. This is a great help to the client sitting in front of me because they can understand their partner better and treat them appropriately. I really must start publicizing myself more and may devote the early part of 2020 to this.

A modest evening meal is followed by watching TV, such staunch British events like the history of Harrods, which must be one of the most famous stores in the world.

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