Winter always has something to offer

My sister has gone off to Wells today to see an old friend so we are left to our own devices and decided to take a walk. We went to our favourite old village called Wellow (See previous references) and then decided to go to the local Kennett and Avon canal which always promises to give many interesting photographs. This therefore is largely a photographic essay of canals in the off-season.

Amazingly it has stopped raining and the forecast for the next few days is dry. This will enable this country of the United Kingdom to look less like a lake.

People are very friendly as ever and when we pass them always give a nod. The most dangerous part of this walk are the cyclists who drive along at speed without necessarily having a bell. Anyway, I survived about an hour before the damp started to creep into me. We returned to our car and off we drove into the dusk.

My digestion dare I say is getting better. I had no pill this morning and took instead a lactase enzyme which is for individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose. So far today, no acid symptoms or bloating should I say.