Archbishop Justin Welby, new year message

In spite of all, we are still a Christian country in the United Kingdom and if you don’t believe me look how many institutions and organisations and charities and ventures have been inspired by the Christian gospel.

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said this on New Year’s Day, today.

Make personal connections with others in 2020. Creating new unity in a divided society. He says “let’s go for a heroic new years resolution. Let’s resolve to connect. To reach out to just one person. We don’t know, all from whom we had drifted apart.

Pick one person. Pick up the phone. Send a text. Meeting for a cup of tea. Make that connection. Let’s begin cementing our unity one brick at a time.

If I ever have the means, I would like to examine ways of enhancing the community spirit. The British people have it within themselves to leave it to someone else and as a result things don’t get done. I think people are afraid of being different. It takes just one person to start a trend and the rest will follow.