Affairs of the heart


The two weeks from just before Christmas to the New Year are unique. No one expects you to be in, put any pressure on you, or makes any demands. You can therefore without too much effort become invisible and get on with work that you want to do rather than what is expected of you.

This year I’m going to pay more attention to my health. I’m still too dependent on prescribed medicine though admittedly it’s only one pill a day but it does the job. I’ve tested the magnesium levels in my system which show a slight deficiency and today I did a blood test to determine my blood type. You can get self testing equipment for about £12 from Amazon, but I’m not sure how accurate it is.

Today I wrote a newsletter to all the members of the allotment group which I’m chairman. This is a time of year where preparations made for the new season and not much appears to be going on but the allotment has to be maintained like anything else. I went round with a camera today recording all the little things that were going on, for example the good appearance of a hedge that had been cut, rhubarb making his first appearance, leeks soldiering on during the wet weather (they don’t seem to mind) and a gentle reminder to people to maintain their plot in a tidy condition.

I do enjoy small areas of order and harmony. It sets the example that we still care for each other and that life on a local level should not be eclipsed by the dreadful material going on throughout the world. The point is, we cannot do very much about the latter, so I think we should just note and observe rather than get stressed out. Most of our friends do not want to know what is really going on and choose to confine themselves to daily existence. Very few people have the courage even to think.

Today I came across a PDF book on the heart. It puts the whole thing into perspective and I give credit to the website that told me about it. The book is not long and really does sum up the importance of the heart, much more than a pump, and one of the most important organs in the body.

I did not know – or I needed to be reminded – that the number of messages from the heart to the brain far exceed those of the brain to the heart and that the heart itself as a telepathic ability, a morphic field we could say, which could if we let it make an enormous difference to our lives.

Have a look at the book here and see what you think. It wont take you more than 10 minutes.

Unusually, I will publish replies. Just hit return reading this diary. I will collect any comments and let you know.

This is the exact opposite of the above. It talks about the symbiotic effect of using smartphones with regard to Artificial intelligence. It’s pretty scary.